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Blackjack Web Application

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HTML 5 is coming whether I like it or not, and in order to familiarize myself with some of its new functions, as well as to try out a couple different programming techniques, I built a simple web application to play blackjack.

There's no splitting, no insurance, and you can see the dealer's hand from the beginning, but the whole thing comes in at under 50 KB, stores player data with a client-side database, and can be played on iPhone as an offline app.

It works on the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox, though Firefox will display a mildly annoying warning about storing client-side data. Internet Explorer is right out. Maybe by IE 9 they'll follow the same standards as everyone else. I haven't had a chance to test it in Opera yet.

To play offline on your iPhone, simply hit the + button and choose Add to Home Screen.


Language Selection

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Did you know this site comes in both English and Japanese flavors? If you usually enter from the top page, you've probably seen the separate entrances, but if you're brought here by other means, you're likely missing out on a whole other world of foreign vocabulary.

To dispel any notion that I'm hiding something from you, and to improve general site navigation, a new language selector has been added to the sidebar.

I will also take this time to thank my Japanese editor. While every English word here is my own, my Japanese translations work on a level just this side of Pandemonium. Without her assistance, the JP side would be a hot mess, so "thanks!"

Timotarou Returns


After an unduly extended absence, I have returned. I make no excuse for my truancy, but offer you a brand new site design in hopes that I might once again curry your favor.

What do you think? I like it, but I'm worried it might be too generic. I'll probably continue to tweak it as we go.

If you're a returning reader, you may notice there are some parts missing from the site's previous incarnations. The site is still largely in its "pardon our dust" phase. I'll try to keep most of the unsightly development confined to backstage, but let me know if you come across any exposed wiring or open trenches.



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