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iMac (Mid 2011)


27-inch, 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Lion comes next month!

Turn off Bookmarks syncing, and delete previously synced MobileMe bookmarks from the iPhone. Give it a moment to process the action, then turn Bookmarks syncing back on.

One thing I like about having an iPhone is that everything is kept in sync with my other devices via MobileMe, including bookmarks. I keep my most frequented websites in subfolders on the bookmarks bar (where, by the way, any new articles in RSS feeds show up as a handy little number next to the folder name). You can imagine the irritation I felt when I noticed that only my Safari bookmarks outside of subfolders were syncing. All those frequently used bookmarks? Conspicuously absent.

Scouring Google revealed no one else having a similar problem. Apple troubleshooting mentioned overwriting info on MobileMe with info from your computer if no bookmarks are syncing. Not exactly my problem, but tried it anyway. Availed not.

But where the internet failed, random fiddling came to the rescue! Here's what I did to get my bookmarks bar folders (and all other subfolders) to sync.

In Settings, open Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your MobileMe account. Turn off Bookmarks syncing, and delete previously synced MobileMe bookmarks from the iPhone. Give it a moment to process the action (I jumped out to Safari to check that everything was deleted), then turn Bookmarks syncing back on and voilà—everything was as it should be.

I would guess this will probably solve other sync issues as well, so give it a shot if you have any troubles.

And for the record, I absolutely hate spelling "synch" without an "h." Synch. Synching. The "ch" makes a hard "c" sound. I guess I should be glad it doesn't have a stupid lowercase i in front of a capital S.

You got the iPhone 4!

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Owning an iPhone since its price drop in September 2007, I found myself a 2G transitional fossil in a 3G Galápagos after coming to Japan. Instead of upgrading and jumping right into the keitai culture, though, I decided to save myself. Apple had announced new models each summer so far, so an upgrade shouldn't be that far off. And it wasn't.

"Here's the iPhone 4. You can preorder starting next week, and it comes out the week after that."

Hmm, preorders start on a Tuesday? I have to work then. Oh well, I'll just preorder on the weekend. Everyone who wants an iPhone must already have one by now. Demand won't be that high.

Saturday. "Hi, I'd like to preorder an iPhone 4." "Sorry, we're all sold out." "What?" "We can put you on a waiting list, though. We'll call you as soon as more are available." "Okay."

That was June 19. August 14 they finally call back. "Your phone's ready."

After waiting so long, they must have wanted to prevent any sort of barotrauma. The activation process in the shop took over two hours.

On the bright side, I guess I saved on about two month's worth of phone bills.

NEC Tele Scouter

Apparently NEC will begin selling the Tele Scouter, a headset which displays images directly onto the user's eyes by way of a small projector. According to the BBC, one version of the Tele Scouter will use on-the-fly translation software to provide real-time subtitles.

The firm said the gadget, dubbed Tele Scouter, was intended for sales people or employees dealing with inquiries from customers.

Which sounds great until you realize that the current generation of translation software will make the subtitles for the above quote look like this:

According to the company, this gadget is named Teresukauta help you respond to customer inquiries and questions, which have to be responsible for sales and employees.

Intuos4 Pen Tablet

15-inch MacBook Pro and Intuos4 M

I bought an Intuos4 Pen Tablet!

I must admit that I felt a pang of tablet envy when Yoshitoshi ABe got his new Bamboo Touch early last month. I haven't had a pen tablet since the beginning of this decade, when OS X was brand new and I was doing freelance layout work.

Comparing Wacom's Intuos4 series and Bamboo series, it seems the Intuos takes whatever the Bamboo does and then does it twice as well (at double the price). However, the multitouch feature on the Bamboo Touch and Bamboo Pen & Touch don't seem to be present on the Intuos4. Nonetheless, the larger working area (I sprang for the "Medium") and greater precision were the deciding factors for me.

Now what would really be neat would be if Wacom put Magic Mouse-like multitouch on one of their wireless, battery-free mouses.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

On August 28, 2009, Apple Inc. released version 10.6 of its Macintosh operating system, dubbed "Snow Leopard." This update has been heavily promoted for its improved performance under the hood, listing features such as:

  • 50% faster installation
  • 7 GB less disk space required
  • System applications rewritten in 64-bit code
  • Better multicore usage

However, that doesn't cover some of the exciting, unlisted features, such as:

  • Pointing out during installation that your MacBook Pro's disk image has come unmounted
  • Forcing you to perform a clean reinstall from version 10.5 after your disk image has come unmounted
  • Not notifying you that your system hasn't performed a backup since April before forcing you perform a clean reinstall after your disk image has come unmounted




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