You got the iPhone 4!

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Owning an iPhone since its price drop in September 2007, I found myself a 2G transitional fossil in a 3G Galápagos after coming to Japan. Instead of upgrading and jumping right into the keitai culture, though, I decided to save myself. Apple had announced new models each summer so far, so an upgrade shouldn't be that far off. And it wasn't.

"Here's the iPhone 4. You can preorder starting next week, and it comes out the week after that."

Hmm, preorders start on a Tuesday? I have to work then. Oh well, I'll just preorder on the weekend. Everyone who wants an iPhone must already have one by now. Demand won't be that high.

Saturday. "Hi, I'd like to preorder an iPhone 4." "Sorry, we're all sold out." "What?" "We can put you on a waiting list, though. We'll call you as soon as more are available." "Okay."

That was June 19. August 14 they finally call back. "Your phone's ready."

After waiting so long, they must have wanted to prevent any sort of barotrauma. The activation process in the shop took over two hours.

On the bright side, I guess I saved on about two month's worth of phone bills.

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1 Comment

Does this mean you now have a working cell phone number? If so, please pass it on to your dear mother.
Just caught up on all of your recent postings. Train rides sound interesting. Hope the weather is getting better. Should I send somethng for the bug bites?
Love to you both! Mom



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