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Turn off Bookmarks syncing, and delete previously synced MobileMe bookmarks from the iPhone. Give it a moment to process the action, then turn Bookmarks syncing back on.

One thing I like about having an iPhone is that everything is kept in sync with my other devices via MobileMe, including bookmarks. I keep my most frequented websites in subfolders on the bookmarks bar (where, by the way, any new articles in RSS feeds show up as a handy little number next to the folder name). You can imagine the irritation I felt when I noticed that only my Safari bookmarks outside of subfolders were syncing. All those frequently used bookmarks? Conspicuously absent.

Scouring Google revealed no one else having a similar problem. Apple troubleshooting mentioned overwriting info on MobileMe with info from your computer if no bookmarks are syncing. Not exactly my problem, but tried it anyway. Availed not.

But where the internet failed, random fiddling came to the rescue! Here's what I did to get my bookmarks bar folders (and all other subfolders) to sync.

In Settings, open Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your MobileMe account. Turn off Bookmarks syncing, and delete previously synced MobileMe bookmarks from the iPhone. Give it a moment to process the action (I jumped out to Safari to check that everything was deleted), then turn Bookmarks syncing back on and voilà—everything was as it should be.

I would guess this will probably solve other sync issues as well, so give it a shot if you have any troubles.

And for the record, I absolutely hate spelling "synch" without an "h." Synch. Synching. The "ch" makes a hard "c" sound. I guess I should be glad it doesn't have a stupid lowercase i in front of a capital S.

Who's a Pirate, Now?

From the Wall Street Journal, it seems the US Federal Court is having some trouble deciding what constitutes piracy.

"Violent attacks on the high seas without lawful authority have always been piracy under the law of nations, in 1819 and today," said the lead prosecutor, Benjamin Hatch, at a pretrial hearing last month.

"So if one ship fires a bow-and-arrow," asked Judge Raymond Jackson, rubbing his brow, "or a slingshot, or a rock, those are all acts of violence, and thus piracy?" The prosecutor nodded.

The public defender, Geremy Kamens, weighed in. "That a slingshot fired upon another ship would expose the defendant to a mandatory life sentence shows the absurd result of this reading," he said. The defense added that under this broad definition, Greenpeace activists could be considered pirates for their anti-whaling antics on the seas.

No, Mr. Kamens, it shows the absurdity of mandatory sentencing. Whether the sprig of mistletoe is thrown at Thor or Baldr, it's still assault, though obviously the result will be different, as should be the consequences.

Don't mess with boats.

You got the iPhone 4!

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Owning an iPhone since its price drop in September 2007, I found myself a 2G transitional fossil in a 3G Galápagos after coming to Japan. Instead of upgrading and jumping right into the keitai culture, though, I decided to save myself. Apple had announced new models each summer so far, so an upgrade shouldn't be that far off. And it wasn't.

"Here's the iPhone 4. You can preorder starting next week, and it comes out the week after that."

Hmm, preorders start on a Tuesday? I have to work then. Oh well, I'll just preorder on the weekend. Everyone who wants an iPhone must already have one by now. Demand won't be that high.

Saturday. "Hi, I'd like to preorder an iPhone 4." "Sorry, we're all sold out." "What?" "We can put you on a waiting list, though. We'll call you as soon as more are available." "Okay."

That was June 19. August 14 they finally call back. "Your phone's ready."

After waiting so long, they must have wanted to prevent any sort of barotrauma. The activation process in the shop took over two hours.

On the bright side, I guess I saved on about two month's worth of phone bills.

I'm Being Eaten Alive

Bite mark on my shin.

The mosquitoes here are going to suck me dry! Goodness gracious does it itch, too.



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