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Another girl on the train story. I'm seated, riding the local train home, and standing across the aisle with her back to me is a girl in a pink skirt. She's reasonably tall, moreso for wearing heels.

Her skirt has an English newsprint pattern on it, kind of like articles and headlines have been cut out of a broadsheet and pasted facing everywhich way.

It was about halfway through one article when I caught myself and realized I was staring at her butt.

Forget about iPads and Kindles. I know how I want to read my news from now on!

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1 Comment

A public service announcement for your male readership.
She may well have positioned herself so that you would stare at her butt. I cite as evidence the women of that hemisphere who ask their foreign lovers to address them with Darling or Honey in public because the native foreign accent will ostensibly incite jealousy in certain women in the vicinity. Note the women who will turn away in the train and perform garment straightening in the window reflection but use that perspective to stare freely at you and to inspect your partner for self-comparison. Notice you are regarded by women from a distance on the street but as the distance with them closes, their eyes shift elsewhere at precisely the distance when men are known to gaze. Other parties may be credited with your butt staring. Stare and stare proudly on your own terms.
Stay thirsty, my friends.



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