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The Endless Sauna

It's hot! Hot and humid!

On the way to work this morning, I decided to walk aboveground despite the rain because I thought it might cool me off.


It was like standing in a hot shower with no water pressure.

Enough already!

The Daily Skirt

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Another girl on the train story. I'm seated, riding the local train home, and standing across the aisle with her back to me is a girl in a pink skirt. She's reasonably tall, moreso for wearing heels.

Her skirt has an English newsprint pattern on it, kind of like articles and headlines have been cut out of a broadsheet and pasted facing everywhich way.

It was about halfway through one article when I caught myself and realized I was staring at her butt.

Forget about iPads and Kindles. I know how I want to read my news from now on!

A Footworn Friend

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Earlier this week, there was a girl sitting across from me on the train. When we arrived at Shinjuku, she left the train from the exit on my side. I was about to exit through her side when I noticed a navy blue fabric something-or-other left where where had been seated.

Forgetting something on the train stinks, because even if someone turns it into lost and found, odds are it won't be at the station where you lost it.

Me being the nice guy I am grabbed it and ran out the opposite exit after her. I managed to catch up just before she got onto the escalator and held out the something-or-other. In my panic I was unable to put together a decent sentence in Japanese and said something more or less along the lines of, "Um, this, drop."

She shook her head and waved off me and the something-or-other. I kept walking and put it into my bag, so I wouldn't look any more like a silly foreigner than I already was.

Continuing on my way to work, I wondered what the something-or-other could be. As I already mentioned, it was blue and fabric. It had some pink accents, probably a subtle floral pattern. It was mostly round, but did have a couple flattish parts sticking out the top. Maybe a potpourri sachet or a stuffed bunny, I thought.

After arriving at the office, I stood in my cubicle and pulled the something-or-other out if my bag.

Balled up pair of socks.

Yeah, loosing stuff on the train stinks.



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