Pinball, 1973 Once Again Available in English

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Reporting from the Tokyo desk of CNNGo, W. David Marx informs us that the English translation of MURAKAMI Haruki's second novel, Pinball, 1973, is back in print. This translation, produced for those learning English rather than a natively speaking audience, has never been available outside of Japan. On top of that, the publisher discontinued printing the book in the mid 1990s, and so tracking down a copy of the novel has been not unlike locating a certain three-flipper Spaceship.

I actually have a well-read photocopy of the book from one of my Japanese Literature classes in college. Along with "The Fall of the Roman Empire, the 1881 Indian Uprising, Hitler's Invasion of Poland, and the Realm of Raging Winds," Pinball, 1973 was my introduction to MURAKAMI. I look forward to owning a real copy of the book instead of a reader from Printing and Reprographics. (Of course, if I could just get serious about learning Japanese, translations wouldn't even be a concern!)

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1 Comment

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