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Timotarou is on Twitter. I can't promise that I'll let you know every time I shave, but I might.

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You finally caved... be the first to follow us!

I really hope that you're not going to become one of those people who gets a Twitter and then never updates his blog anymore. Don't fall into the trap of writing 140-character updates instead of well-thought blogs! (Also, I don't have a Twitter and don't know how to follow it, so I can't keep up.)

Don't worry. I've just been busy, but I've got several posts coming down the pike.

If you don't use Twitter, you can still follow a user's posts by subscribing to that user's RSS feed. My Twitter feed is at

I should rephrase: I don't want to follow Twitter instead or in addition to your blog.

I meant to be polite, but I've dispensed with that now. Sorry. No wait, I'm not sorry! Oh man, now I'm just being rude.



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