Intuos4 Pen Tablet

15-inch MacBook Pro and Intuos4 M

I bought an Intuos4 Pen Tablet!

I must admit that I felt a pang of tablet envy when Yoshitoshi ABe got his new Bamboo Touch early last month. I haven't had a pen tablet since the beginning of this decade, when OS X was brand new and I was doing freelance layout work.

Comparing Wacom's Intuos4 series and Bamboo series, it seems the Intuos takes whatever the Bamboo does and then does it twice as well (at double the price). However, the multitouch feature on the Bamboo Touch and Bamboo Pen & Touch don't seem to be present on the Intuos4. Nonetheless, the larger working area (I sprang for the "Medium") and greater precision were the deciding factors for me.

Now what would really be neat would be if Wacom put Magic Mouse-like multitouch on one of their wireless, battery-free mouses.

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