Gimme Salt!

Number 13

I decided my diet has been lamentably short of salt lately, so what better way to correct the issue than a trip to McDonald's? One Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and a medium french fry sufficiently supplemented my sodium deficiency by a good 1,300 milligrams.

Yes, it is what we're made of.

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I like McDonald's coffee, but do you ever have the problem where they put way too little coffee and way too much milk in your iced coffee? Last time I had one, it looked like a vanilla milkshake, and I had to go back and ask for a re-do with actual coffee. The lady looked at me like I was crazy to want my iced coffee to taste like coffee.

I've never seen it get to vanilla milkshake levels, but I do think the milk:coffee ratio could support some more coffee in the environment. I always ask for no syrup (or sugar, depending on how puzzled the cashier looks), though, and figure that asking for an order any more custom than that is asking for trouble.



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