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Timotarou is on Twitter. I can't promise that I'll let you know every time I shave, but I might.

Gimme Salt!

Number 13

I decided my diet has been lamentably short of salt lately, so what better way to correct the issue than a trip to McDonald's? One Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and a medium french fry sufficiently supplemented my sodium deficiency by a good 1,300 milligrams.

Yes, it is what we're made of.

French Crepe Catering

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This past weekend, I helped my younger sister relaunch the website for her catering business, Crepes Bonaparte. I can't claim credit for the original design, but I did manage the complete rebuild from flash to html. It's now iPhone friendly for those on-the-go types in need of authentic crepe catering.

If you live in Southern California and are planning an event, you should definitely check out their catering packages.

NEC Tele Scouter

Apparently NEC will begin selling the Tele Scouter, a headset which displays images directly onto the user's eyes by way of a small projector. According to the BBC, one version of the Tele Scouter will use on-the-fly translation software to provide real-time subtitles.

The firm said the gadget, dubbed Tele Scouter, was intended for sales people or employees dealing with inquiries from customers.

Which sounds great until you realize that the current generation of translation software will make the subtitles for the above quote look like this:

According to the company, this gadget is named Teresukauta help you respond to customer inquiries and questions, which have to be responsible for sales and employees.

An Early Break Today


I had to head into the office an hour earlier than usual today for a teleconference. After the telecon, my sleepy head needed a treat, so I took a brisk walk to McDonald's!

Hooray, Sausage McMuffin with Egg!

Fog Droplets


The fog on the way home tonight was something else.

Here's a view of the streets from our condo.

From the balcony.

And here's how my glasses looked after riding through the above fog on my scooter with my open faced helmet.

From the sink.

It was a little scary.

Intuos4 Pen Tablet

15-inch MacBook Pro and Intuos4 M

I bought an Intuos4 Pen Tablet!

I must admit that I felt a pang of tablet envy when Yoshitoshi ABe got his new Bamboo Touch early last month. I haven't had a pen tablet since the beginning of this decade, when OS X was brand new and I was doing freelance layout work.

Comparing Wacom's Intuos4 series and Bamboo series, it seems the Intuos takes whatever the Bamboo does and then does it twice as well (at double the price). However, the multitouch feature on the Bamboo Touch and Bamboo Pen & Touch don't seem to be present on the Intuos4. Nonetheless, the larger working area (I sprang for the "Medium") and greater precision were the deciding factors for me.

Now what would really be neat would be if Wacom put Magic Mouse-like multitouch on one of their wireless, battery-free mouses.



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