Simple Chocolate Tart

A slice of simplicity.

A coworker lent me a copy of Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef, particularly recommending that I try out his recipe for "Simple Chocolate Tart." It is indeed simple, and though I made a huge mess with every ingredient I could, absolutely worth the little effort required.

If you, too, decide to try it out, something to keep in mind: you're never going to eat the whole thing by yourself in one sitting, so don't let the 1.25 pounds of butter scare you off.

Give my take on the recipe a try.

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I'll put my order in now...but not sure when my missing gall bladder will be able to handle it!

YOU might not, but some of us have lofty goals and like challenging projects... heart attacks be damned.

Does that mean you will or won't let the butter scare you off?



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