Ponzu Shouyu Boiled Pork with Mustard


If I'm not careful, this will become nothing but a cooking blog.

For tonight's dinner I boiled a pound of pork loin in six cups of water with a half-cup of ponzu shouyu and sliced green onions. After thirty minutes, I removed the pork, sliced it and poured the broth over it in a shallow bowl.

For a condiment, I threw together some homemade mustard: two tablespoons of mustard seed, half a teaspoon of tumeric and some paprika, garlic powder and kosher salt all went into the blender until I had a coarse powder. Then I microwaved a half cup of equal parts water and rice vinegar for one minute. Since the blender's instruction manual says to not use boiling liquids, I let it cool for five minutes before adding it to the mixture and blending some more.

The pork turned out okay, but nothing to write home about. The broth was quite good—lightly citrusy with good pork flavor—and the mustard was a great compliment—strong overtones, but not overpowering. I think next time I'll try this in the slow cooker and see if I can't get some better texture on the pork.

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